How Much Should I Donate?

A few people have asked us how much they should donate, so we thought would write a post on what we are hoping for.

Bottom line: God loves a cheerful giver, and we a grateful to anyone (no matter the donation) who chooses to aid us in bringing home our future son from Ethiopia.

Thus far, from 2011 until today, we have raised $15,000. To cover the total costs of around $40,000, we are hoping to raise an additional $25,000 from now until 2016.


To meet that goal, we have figured out that we probably need the following types of donations:

2 donations in the $5,000+ range

7 donations in the $1,000 – $2,000 range

10 donations in the $500 range

50 donations from $50+


If you are wondering about the cookbook and how that fits into our fundraising goals… We are asking for donations from $30 per cookbook. However, each cookbook costs us $28, so we are basically starting to sell them ‘at cost’ just to raise awareness (which is very important!). If you would like to support our adoption, we would ask that you make one of the above suggested donations.

If you would like to donate to our adoption fund, you can write a check or give cash. All donations go straight into a special adoption savings account that we have and will be used for the plethora of fees that will start occurring again in the months and year ahead.

If you do not physically see us on a regular basis and/or do not have our mailing address, email us and we’ll happily give it to you.