The Long-awaited Update

Hello loved ones,

We are excited to update you on our process thus far. Thank you for the questions you’ve posed and kind words of encouragement you’ve offered regarding our little boy to come. As most of you know, we are still in the long “waiting period.”

Currently the waiting period has grown in length to 36 – 42 months+ POST our dossier (official paperwork) being submitted to Ethiopia. The dossier was submitted on June 22, 2012, so we are expecting to receive the referral sometime in the fall of 2015 through the winter of 2016.

After we receive the referral, we will travel to Ethiopia for two trips. On the first trip we will meet our son and go to court, and on the second trip we will bring him back home with us to California… The hope is that this will be 6 to 10 months post the referral.

As we are about a year +/-  from our referral, we are once again at the point of moving forward with fundraising. We have about $25,000 remaining to raise and are raising awareness with a new church cookbook. (See the newest blog post for the specifics about the cookbook and how to donate.)

Please know that we deeply value all your support, and feel blessed to be in this stage of our journey with you. We thank God for your prayers for us, and ask you to continue to pray for our process and our Ethiopian son.