New Cookbook For Sale / Fundraising


We’re thrilled to announce that the new cookbooks have arrived! We worked hard on compiling a beautiful and delicious cookbook from our church community at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Orange County. We are incredibly thankful to our church family for their unique contributions. It’s also called “Sundays are for Feasting” and is filled with mouth-watering recipes and photos that will inspire you and motivate you to literally break bread and feast with your friends and family all year-round.

As we are now a year +/- away from receiving a referral of our son, we are starting to fundraise for the remaining $25,000 of the adoption costs. If you would like to buy a cookbook we are asking for a donation starting from $30. For more specific details on how much we are hoping for people to donate, read our recent post on “How Much Should I Donate?

If you would like to donate to our adoption fund, you can write a check or give cash. All donations go straight into a special adoption savings account that we have and will be used for the plethora of fees that will start occurring again in the months and year ahead.

If you do not physically see us on a regular basis and/or do not have our mailing address, email us and we’ll happily give it to you.

The cookbook features a warm textured eggshell cover with 100% recycled interior matte pages.

IMG_6048 IMG_6054 IMG_6051