Adoption Piggy Bank & General Update

Above is a photo of a broken piggy bank that was given to us by a lovely 89 year old woman in our church. This gift reminded us of a few things:

First, all gifts, big or small, are blessings to thank God for.

Second, piggy banks are a great way for both young and old to save money and give toward adoption. You may have already given us a generous donation, or finances might be tight at the moment, but starting a piggy bank might be an easy way for you and/or your family to give where you can.

Third, we wanted to give everyone a general update on our adoption process. The update is pretty simple… we are still waiting. It has been 5 months since our dossier was shipped to Ethiopia, and we probably have another 12 to 18 months left until we receive a referral for our son.  In the meantime we will continue fundraising, and making sure that our paperwork is up to date. Your prayers during this process are deeply appreciated.

With love,

Adam, Karina, & Sage