Dossier Sent to Washington DC

After  almost 12 months of collecting papers, we have finally a sent our completed 70 page dossier (official adoption paperwork) to our agency in Washington DC. Once the dossier arrives in Washington it will take about 3 weeks for it to be double & triple -checked before it is sent off to Ethiopia to be translated and then processed.

This week we also paid over $7,500 of mid-program adoption fees. Thanks to all the generous gifts that you (family/friends) have given us, we were easily able to pay those fees. So, once again, THANK YOU!

Once Ethiopia has our paperwork, we will enter the “waiting period” of our adoption process, as we wait to receive a referral of our son. The latest update on timeframes are anywhere in-between 18 – 24 months for referrals to be given after a dossier is submitted. We are praying that it is on the short end of that timeframe, if not around the 1 year marker. Please join with us in praying.

As for fundraising, the next year will be a time that we will need to raise about $20,000 remaining for travel, court, final & post adoption fees. If you are willing to donate funds, you can do so on this website or contact us directly.  We will also be planning a few fundraiser events to raise money through the local community.

Thank you again for all your support. We will update next when our dossier has been sent to Ethiopia.


Adam, Karina, & Sage