Currumbin Community Garage Sale

Three simple ways to help us raise money for our adoption:

1. Fill your car and trailer with items to sell at the garage sale.
2. Be willing and generous to buy items on the day.
3. Spread the word to your family and friends.

* Thanks everyone for your constant support. As you will notice (to the right), our funds are rising steadily  and we are blessed to be meeting all of our current payments.  As far as the process, we are still dealing with final paperwork. Two weeks ago we flew to the US Consulate  office in Sydney to get official fingerprints for our USCIS I-600A application.  After that was completed, we sent that application to the USCIS office in Bangkok Thailand (which oversees Australian US residents).  We are now currently waiting for their approval.  Once that is approved we will almost have every document needed before sending paperwork to Ethiopia! We are praying things will move quickly.