Our son is going to have a SISTER!

As our adoption process is moving steadily along, we would like to announce the exciting news that our son will now have a little partner in crime! For those who didn’t know already, Karina is 21 weeks pregnant, and we found out a few days ago that we are most likely having a baby girl. We feel so blessed that God not only generously answered our prayer for one child by opening the door for adoption, but now has also given us the gift of a biological child.

As for how this news affects the adoption, it doesn’t. Since we are still very passionate about adoption, it simply means that we will be welcoming two children into our home in the next year and a half. Our baby girl is due on April 24th, 2012, and from current estimations we are guessing that the adoption will be finalised in mid 2013. This means that our son and daughter could be very close in age (as our son will probably be between 4 to 14 months old when we bring him home), which means that we will be blessed with ‘twins’ in some sense.

As for the Home Visit which occurred last month, it went very well and we were officially approved to be adoptive parents from our social worker. As an outcome, she wrote a 15 page “Home Study” summarising why we are fit to adopt our son from Ethiopia. Her visit was also very informative and gave us a lot to think about in terms of parenting an adoptive child.

The next step in our paperwork is to mail our Home Study to the U.S. Citizenship and  Immigration Services offices along with another fingerprint check for them to approve us for adoption. Once that is done, (which could take up to 16 weeks), we will will be preparing our final lot of paperwork to be sent to Ethiopia. Then we wait for 10 – 16 months for an official   referral of a child.

Apart from the news of our daughter and paperwork, we now have our Australian cookbooks printed! The book consists of over 60 delicious recipes from our friends at Christ Church Currumbin. We are selling them as a fundraiser for adoption at a donation cost of $20 per book. If you live in Australia and are interested in either buying a book or helping fundraise for us by selling them to your friends/family/neighbours/workmates, please send us an email (ak.feich@gmail.com).

Thank you again to everyone for your constant support. (We have already raised over $11,000 thus far!)


Adam &  Karina

p.s. Hope you all have a Happy Christmas and New Year.